American Office

(This is the first blog from my new MacBook. The plan is, now I have my own laptop and am not sharing my husband’s PC, that this happens more…)

Anyway, Chris and I watched The American Office tonight. It’s on ITV4 now. We’ve seen bits before but not whole episodes.

Some observations:
1. There is not enough background noise. It’s noticeable.
2. Chris kept trying to figure out which American character was which British character.
3. I can’t watch Steve Carrell now without remembering how great he is in Little Miss Sunshine.
4. I need to watch more of it, I think. Didn’t strike me straight away (mainly for the above reasons).


Last chance to see

As a general rule, I am not a fan of wildlife programmes. But I have been thoroughly enjoying Stephen Fry’s retracing of Douglas Adams’s steps in ‘Last Chance to See’. What I enjoy so much is Fry’s apparent lack of suitability for such a task (he hates camping, isn’t very good at getting off boats in one piece and readily admits that he’d prefer the animals to come to him in London – all things I can relate to). And yet he is, without exception, won over by every incredible example of the natural world that he happens to stumble upon. As much as I share in his seeming distaste for exploration, I also share in his awe and delight at the rich diversity of life.

I think all wildlife programmes should be presented by Stephen Fry.