Good morning

It is 1am on a Sunday night and I’m still awake and drafting the last few words of my dissertation.

This is rather pretty:



I have this ridiculous, possibly unwarranted, sense of euphoria. Maybe it is the Obama effect. I see images like this and this and my heart just sings out in anticipation of a future in which the world is led by intelligent, articulate and honest people and in which there is true engagement by all in politics and a shared desire to make a better world. This week it’s not so much the pills making me teary.

But what I actually think is causing it is the fact that I am *so* close to handing in my dissertation that I’m a little giddy with it, to be honest. It’s a dangerous feeling because I still have some way to go. My findings are probably only a third written and I’m allowing myself to forget that they are the most important part. But the celebration is welling up in my chest already.

How is it 3pm already?

The soundtrack for my euphoria is Tina Dico. Courtesy of RJ. Thanks 🙂