Introducing… Film Fortnight!

Yesterday, I was forced to visit a well-known high street DVD rental store. It’s been a long time since I’ve been inside said store but LoveFilm’s ongoing beef with Universal means that there was really no other (legal) way of watching Senna (other than buying it, which I’m not bothered enough to do, or borrowing it – thanks Rob!).

It turns out I’m not actually a member so I signed up for new membership. Seriously, guys… A *paper* form?! *Requiring* a landline number?!

We’ll forgive them that though, because then they gave me 14 free rentals: one a day for two weeks. Now, I realise that they do this because most people won’t go in every single day for a fortnight to rent a film and fair play to them. Times are tough in the rental market and I’ve now been in the store two days in a row so something has worked. Eventually, I might even buy a bag of Butterkist while I’m in there.

Now, I like nothing more than a challenge (see also: Bus Challenge, Nail Challenge, etc.) and I am absolutely determined to rent and watch a film every day for fourteen days. Chris is on board, we have a list of more than fourteen films that we’d like to watch and we’ve got pretty quick meals planned for weeknights so it’s totally doable.

We’re two days in now and so far we’ve seen Senna and Tyrannosaur (or at least, I’ve seen Tyrannosaur and Chris went to the climbing wall instead). Both are excellent films. Senna is a wonderful piece of documentary making with a gripping story, an incredible feat considering it is made entirely of archive footage. It portrays the same, intriguing will to race as TT3D did (although it does it much, much better) and the inevitable conclusion to the film is genuinely emotional.

Tyrannosaur is a draining experience: bleak and dark and harrowing. But the performances are incredible and there is a wonderful tenderness between the two protagonists between bouts of extreme violence. I haven’t seen The Iron Lady, but I’d bet any amount of money Meryl Streep’s performance in that isn’t as good as Olivia Coleman’s in Tyrannosaur, even if the Best Actress awards suggest otherwise.

Tomorrow, we’re watching something that won’t make me cry…

3 thoughts on “Introducing… Film Fortnight!

  1. You? Cynical?

    I wondered how objective the film was, really. Prost and Balestre don’t come out of it well and I felt they were set up as the villains of the piece when it may not have been quite that straightforward.

    Still, it’s a cracking good watch!

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