30 Day Music Challenge: Day Eight – A Song That I Know All The Words To

(This is not a 30 day music challenge so much as a 30 month music challenge. We’re only on day eight and I ran out of steam in March. March! Let’s see how long I can resurrect it for…)

I know all the words to lots of songs. I sing along to songs a lot. Mainly in my car, but sometimes around the house. I’m not very good at singing but, like 90% of X Factor auditionees, this doesn’t stop me.

Of them all, PJ Harvey’s ‘Good Fortune’ is my very favourite singalong song. It is three and a half minutes of pure, unbridled joy and celebration of being in love. Plus, it allows me to practically yodel at the top of my voice. And just look at the video! Isn’t Polly Jean blimmin’ gorgeous?!

(I have not added the link to the official video on youtube because they’ve managed to upload it with the wrong aspect ratio. Idiots.)


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