A list always helps

In order that I don’t throw up my hands in despair and sulk up to bed with a book, here is my Sunday plan:

1. Make a cup of tea
2. Complete assignment tasks 1b and 1c (by 3pm)
3. Make another cup of tea
4. Complete 1d and 2c (by 4pm)
5. Do an hour of ironing (essentials only – with cup of tea)
6. Text mum to tell her I don’t have time to call today (this was going to be ‘Call Mum’ but it looks like there’s no time)
7. Eat dinner
8. More ironing (with X Factor)
9. Bed

It’s a pretty ambitious plan, to be honest.


2 thoughts on “A list always helps

  1. Looks a good plan, but what time does it start, just curious but are you planning a long lie in? And you look to do a lot of ironing!!

    1. Ah yes, the plan begins at the time of writing (which was just over an hour ago) so doesn’t cover the whole day. The ironing is a ‘must do’ because none has been done for a few weeks and Chris and I no longer have anything to wear to work! There are more clothes in the ironing pile than there are in our wardrobes…

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