“This is a horrible confession, but sometimes, I used to sleep with my iphone next to my bed. When the alarm went off, I would wake up, reach over and scan through my email. What I read in those first few minutes of the day, determined my mood for the first few hours. That is not the way to live life on purpose! By checking your email at 10am or later, you decide how you feel!”

(From: http://www.bemorewithless.com/2010/stop-checking-email/ via @omrrc)

This struck a chord with me today, after a really valuable conversation with my mentor. I really liked the way she put things in perspective and helped me work through what some of the things I discovered in my personal development module actually mean (i.e. I’m ENFJ but where does that get me?) – referring to my new ‘toolbox’.

Our discussion about my time management and its impact on my mood, my self confidence and my ability to think strategically was one of the most helpful conversations I’ve had in my career and has led to Omar sharing the link above.

So I’m going to start implementing this and am considering testing out my workload against Covey’s 4 quadrants (http://www.keenerliving.com/reviewing-coveys-4-quadrants). We’ll see how it goes…