I’ve been a bit dismissive of Omar’s obsession with minimalism. I am a hoarder.

At work, I struggle with the clear desk policy and, every six months or so, am forced to take out half an afternoon to sort through the piles of paperwork. I still keep a great deal of it. I just put it somewhere else. I am working on this.

Today, an unfortunate incident resulted in every single piece of my paperwork being soaked through and unsalvageable. Having the choice taken away from me, throwing away the lot of it didn’t feel that bad.

Perhaps this is the start of a new, minimalist me, Omar?


2 thoughts on “

  1. I choose not to push it earlier… I think the suggestion that every cloud was perhaps a little too soon?

    Perhaps… depends what you want to get out of it?

    Minimalism is such a big broad thing and it is very much what you want it to be. Yes, having less ‘stuff’ can be part of it but for me that is a means to concentrate on the things that I’ve always said were important but never spent anytime actually doing!

    (Dismissive to the point, I don’t mention it too much! 😉 )

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