Battles & the Twilight Saga

This song Рfrom the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack Рis just awesome.  From 2:00 onwards, especially.

I’m unashamedly a Twilight fan. Granted, they’re not the most well-written of books but I was so gripped by them that I read all four within the space of two weeks. But there is a lot of bitching about the Eclipse soundtrack on and YouTube. Plenty of people like the songs but seem to be getting their knickers in a twist about the fact that their favourite bands have had the audacity to earn some money and a wider audience by allowing a song to be included on a Twilight soundtrack.

That’s just music snobbery, really.

Anyway, the soundtrack really is worth a listen. Unfortunately, there’s a Muse track on there. It’s easy enough to skip it though, so don’t let that put you off. Also, the Metric track is a bit of a disappointment.

My other highlights:

Florence + The Machine’s ‘Heavy In Your Arms’

The Black Keys’ ‘Chop and Change’

Eastern Conference Champions’ ‘A Million Miles An Hour’ (even if the first 30 seconds are a blatant rip off of Death Cab’s ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’)

(Lykke Li’s ‘Possibility’ from the New Moon soundtrack too – just lovely)


I’ve been a bit dismissive of Omar’s obsession with minimalism. I am a hoarder.

At work, I struggle with the clear desk policy and, every six months or so, am forced to take out half an afternoon to sort through the piles of paperwork. I still keep a great deal of it. I just put it somewhere else. I am working on this.

Today, an unfortunate incident resulted in every single piece of my paperwork being soaked through and¬†unsalvageable. Having the choice taken away from me, throwing away the lot of it didn’t feel that bad.

Perhaps this is the start of a new, minimalist me, Omar?


My call for holiday advice on Sunday elicited three recommendations to visit north America and some information on European rail and walking holidays: all very helpful and logged for future reference, thank you!

However, I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath to find out where we’re going so I can finally confirm that we’ve booked…a week in Porthmadog!

Thoroughly looking forward to it, too.

I’m absolutely gutted by the news of Stuart Cable’s death today. Stereophonics might not be the trendiest of bands but, in their earlier days, when Cable was still their drummer, they had a big influence on my musical taste. And as a 16 year old, they were the first band I ever saw live – at Portsmouth Pyramids, supported by Feeder, I think. Following his departure from the band, I don’t think they were ever quite as good. Too much of Kelly’s gravelly voice and not much more than that.

Time to revisit a classic, I think…

Indecisive couple seek holiday ideas

Indecisive couple (late 20s) seek holiday ideas. 7-14 days, end of June (dates not flexible). Destinations in UK, Europe, Canada, USA will be considered. (Purveyors of Mediterranean resorts need not apply.) Must have plenty of things to see and do (landscape and/or attractions, etc.) but with opportunity to relax, good food and wine and preferably nice – but not necessarily hot – weather.

Previous holidays we’ve enjoyed include: Devon, Cornwall, Hampshire (no, really), Dublin, Edinburgh, Malta, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Mauritius, Cook Islands.

Previous holidays we haven’t enjoyed include: Spain.