Alice in Wonderland in 3D

It’s possible that my first experience of 3D was not a good one because of the poor quality of the film we chose to see. I’d describe Alice in Wonderland as style-over-substance if only there was any style to it. But the richly drawn, colourful Wonderland I’d expected hasn’t made it to the screen. It just looks like a big – very dark – mess, with poor dialogue trotted out by an endless procession of on-trend British celebs (Matt Lucas x2, Stephen Fry, Barbara Windsor, Alan Rickman) and no plot to speak of. The only redeeming feature is Mia Wasikowska, who is an absolutely wonderful Alice. Just enough innocence and curiosity, balanced with just enough feistiness. And beautiful in the most understated way.

Regardless of the film, I don’t think I’m won over by 3D and I’m sure I wouldn’t rush to see a film in anything other than 2D any time soon. Maybe it’s my very poor eyesight, particularly worse in my right eye, my astigmatisms and the fact that I was wearing high index lenses under my 3D specs but I was unable to focus quickly enough on anything to make out the 3D effect. So it was all a just a blur. When the action was still, I was able to make out the effect but it lacked any detail in the background, more a fault of the film rather than my eyesight, I think. Maybe I’ve just got high expectations…is it like that for everyone?

We’re going to see Kick-Ass later this weekend. I have much higher hopes.


2 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland in 3D

  1. I had the exact same feelings about Avatar. Maybe it’s the effect of wearing 3D glasses over normal glasses, but I was wholly unimpressed with 3D cinema. I was particularly disappointed that the audience is now expected to concentrate on the 3D element in the front-centre of the screen, so the backgrounds often felt lazy and were generally a blurry mess…

    I left the cinema mumbling about “witnessing the death of cinematography”… Kate didn’t enjoy the ride home…

    1. Definitely. It feels like a backwards step, especially when Alice was ripe for creating an imaginative, magical, detailed world. At times, it looked like they were acting in front of the scenery in a cheap local pantomime.

      (I sometimes think Kate and Chris are similarly long-suffering.)

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