Congratulations Trace!

This is a very quick post to congratulate my good friend, Tracy. For the last 30 days, Tracy has been Nordic walking and cycling 30km a day for charity in order to mark her 30th birthday year. Most people choose to mark such an event with a meal, a party, a holiday. But Tracy set herself a personal challenge and her incredible spirit and determination meant that she achieved it. Not only that but she kept an inspirational and entertaining blog for her friends, family and people far further afield to follow, and managed to remain witty and positive even when things were tough. And did I mention that she worked full time throughout?

This evening, I was lucky enough to help Tracy complete her challenge, joining her for her final mile. For which she was rather appropriately decked out with balloons and party blowers:

It was a really lovely thing to share in such an achievement – that’s raised £1,300! – and she writes about it, with photos, far better than I could here >

So, well done Trace! We’re all incredibly proud of you and can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow night. I hope you’re putting your feet up and watching Mark Beaumont on the TV as I type, happy in the knowledge that you don’t have to get up quite so early tomorrow morning 🙂