Stuck on repeat

I have a particular habit when I’m listening to a new album. I’ll very quickly establish my favourite tracks and subsequently listen to those on repeat…for several weeks, sometimes months. And eventually something will cause me to return to the rest of the album: a song popping up on shuffle, perhaps, or the inability to skip through songs due to a phone call or other interruption. This can sometimes be great, as my first example demonstrates…

First example:

A while ago, I bought the Wild Beasts album, ‘Two Dancers’ on the strength of one song (‘All The King’s Men’) and quickly established my favourite tracks (the aforementioned ‘All The King’s Men’ and ‘We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues’). And, as these things inevitably go, I listened to these two records (stopping only to add a third: ‘Hooting & Howling’) on repeat for roughly two months. Until a late night drive home from a gig in Bristol¬†without my iPod forced me to listen to the only CD I could reach from my glovebox… Wild Beasts’ ‘Two Dancers’. Not only is the whole album pretty great but it has just the most awesome track on it that I’d missed all this time! Seriously, ‘This Is Our Lot‘ is just a great, great song.

So, my habit can sometimes lead to happy discoveries. But it’s also frustrating, as my second example shows.

Second example:

Yesterday, I bought the Marina & the Diamonds album. It’s a pretty good pop record. But by the time I was on the bus home from work today, I’d narrowed down the album to my few favourites (‘I Am Not A Robot’, ‘Mowgli’s Road‘, ‘Hollywood’ and ‘The Outsider’) and was listening to nothing else. Previous experience suggests that I will do so eventually but, for the time being, it is really very frustrating. I’ve paid for an album, but force of habit means that I’m getting a fraction of what I’ve paid for. I annoy myself sometimes.

Is this normal behaviour?

2 thoughts on “Stuck on repeat

  1. It’s very normal behaviour, don’t worry! I partially do that on purpose though – listen to it and pick my favourites, get to know them well and then go back to the whole album. That way I know some very well and am more likely to stick to listening to it and get to know all the songs rather than putting on a different album that I can already sing along to. Plus, it’s like getting two albums for the price of one if you look at it from a different angle….

  2. See, I saw the blog title and immediately thought of Little Boots whose album I actually did have on repeat in my car CD for best part of a fortnight last year.

    As I am one of the few laggards without an iPod, I still listen to my albums all the way through, in the ‘correct’ order. Some albums (Zero 7 ‘Simple Things’) are such a good piece of work that listening to it any other order is doing it an injustice IMO.

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