A first time for everything

On Saturday evening, we were invited to dinner with our friends James & Gina, who have decided to make more of an effort having friends round – something we should probably do too. Leigh joined us as well and we had a thoroughly good evening, with delicious food and great conversation.

The conversation eventually came round to the fact that Chris has never made a cup of tea from start to finish in his life and that, as someone verging on a hot drink addiction, this pains me somewhat. So, James proposed a tea-making workshop and, under his expert supervision, Chris made me a cracking cup of builder’s tea (because that’s how I like it). Apparently, there were some mysterious ‘shortcuts’ involved but neither party is currently sharing those…

5 thoughts on “A first time for everything

  1. That is astounding. I managed to only make two rounds of tea at the office last year (I’m aiming for none this year), but to have *never* made tea takes effort. I’m impressed.

    Lesson two: advanced techniques – ‘The Pot’

  2. I make more than two cups of tea A DAY at work.

    Let’s not push it, now… He’s currently claiming to have forgotten everything James taught him. Too much wine, apparently.

  3. That’s probably because his mum makes such a great cuppa that he never needed to!

    Seriously 2 cups of tea an addiction? try 2 an hour then your up to my level of dependence.

    1. I said I make two cups of tea a day. My five colleagues each do the same…

      P.S. Chris’s mum definitely makes a great cuppa.

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