Cookery Challenge Day Two

I’ll be honest, Day Two didn’t go quite as well as Day One. The results were delicious but it was quite a trial getting there, unfortunately, and I had to call in the sous chef for some assistance (on the grounds that we’d have never eaten if I hadn’t).

The dish should have been venison with creamy beans from Jamie Oliver’s America book. However, snow prevented me from purchasing the required venison, so I used neck of lamb that I had in the fridge instead. This proved to be a worthy substitute and I am pleased by my ability to adapt. Surely a sign of an improving cook?

However, there was a lot of chopping required: onions, carrot, bacon, all into tiny cubes. I resorted to a pestle and mortar for the thyme and rosemary. Also, I’m not particularly confident in terms of cooking a piece of meat like that in a big, hot pan without cremating it or serving it raw. So I didn’t quite get the lovely pink slices of lamb like the photo in the book but it wasn’t too overcooked. The broad beans were though, as you can see in the photo below, just needed to take the pan off the heat slightly earlier.

Anyway, here’s the results:

(I’d just like to point out that the lamb isn’t burnt – it has been marinated in balsamic vinegar and it’s all caramelised and wonderful.)

Now, before I can embark on Day Three, I need to find somewhere that sells pearl barley and polenta…

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