Cookery Challenge, Day One

Yesterday, I announced (yes, announced) my New Year Cookery Challenge, which began today. It started badly – with Waitrose failing miserably to stock most of the necessary ingredients – but, that little hiccup resolved, I’m quite pleased with the results:

This is chicken curry made from scratch, using a recipe from Sophie Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights. I deliberately started with something simple, and this really was. In fact, I intend to start making this instead of using sauces from a jar in future. The red chilli garnish was my own addition, of which I am particularly proud.

Things I learnt:

1. I need to practice chopping.

2. Cooking is much more fun when accompanied by my own choice of music (Emma Pollack, Arcade Fire and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead today).

3. I can cook rice after all. I just need to follow the instructions on the packet more often.

Here’s to Day Two!

2 thoughts on “Cookery Challenge, Day One

  1. The curry is really, really easy to make! You could even do it yourself 🙂

    That nasi goreng looks very, very yummy…

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