Oh, my teenage years…

Ally texted me last night with a list that I wrote 10 years ago, at the age of 17, of my top ten favourite songs. There are some “what the bloody hell was I thinking?” numbers in there (you know I’m just saying that, don’t you?), as well as some rediscoveries and some enduring favourites.

I was going to make a spotify playlist to share with you but because I was a somewhat pretentious teenager, partial to a bit of musical snobbery, there are a few obscure B-sides in there so I can’t find them all. So you’ve got some youtube links:

‘Queen of the Troubled Teens’ by Idlewild (I genuinely believed this should be my anthem. I was such a loser.)

‘Tame’ by Pixies (the first Pixies song I ever heard. And so began a lifelong obsession…)

‘Silence’ by Delirium (no link because it was the radio edit that I loved but a VERY SPECIFIC mix, which I can’t remember and subsequently can’t find)

‘Nights in White Satin’ by The Moody Blues (this isn’t even the one I’m ashamed of)

‘Blackpool’ by Delgados (still awesome  – but no proper video sadly. Would encourage you to seek it out)

‘You Just Have To Be Who You Are’ by Idlewild (I liked Idlewild, ok? Still do, in fact)

‘Blue Flashing Light’ by Travis (I’d just like to point out that the first two Travis albums were actually very good and perfectly acceptable listening material)

‘Genie in a Bottle’ by Christina Aguilera
(what the bloody hell was I thinking?!) (I still have a soft spot for really well written pop music and yes I do happen to love ‘Beat Again’ by JLS)

‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters (this won’t ever stop being one of my favourite songs)

‘S.O.F.T.’ by Elastica (see above)

Some observations: I was not only a pretentious teenager, but also a noisy one. I’m not sure that I’ve changed a great deal. I’m still noisy but I suppose I’m more inclined towards some quieter moments this days. And my husband has had some influence over my musical taste too, which is only natural.

I am so spending the weekend coming up with my top 10 favourite songs…

2 thoughts on “Oh, my teenage years…

  1. I have no list, but thinking back to 6th form days, I present in no particular order…

    Get the girl, Kill the baddies! (PWEI):

    Hideaway (De’Lacy) [enormous 12″ mix – stick with it or fast forward to 3:00]

    Size of a Cow (The Wonder Stuff)

    Little fluffy clouds (The Orb)

    Chime (Orbital) [The live mix on the back of the Satan single was the best – this vid is pretty close and I was there at the time!]

    Lake of fire (Nirvana) [from the unplugged album – I think *everyone* had a copy]

    Good times all round! 🙂

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