American Office

(This is the first blog from my new MacBook. The plan is, now I have my own laptop and am not sharing my husband’s PC, that this happens more…)

Anyway, Chris and I watched The American Office tonight. It’s on ITV4 now. We’ve seen bits before but not whole episodes.

Some observations:
1. There is not enough background noise. It’s noticeable.
2. Chris kept trying to figure out which American character was which British character.
3. I can’t watch Steve Carrell now without remembering how great he is in Little Miss Sunshine.
4. I need to watch more of it, I think. Didn’t strike me straight away (mainly for the above reasons).

7 thoughts on “American Office

    1. The one bit that made me laugh out loud was where he marked the woman’s arm so he could remember which one he was taking home. Yeah, that was amazing.

  1. Never seen it. There are so many things I need to watch, starting with series 1 of spaced that I’ve had for over a year :\

    Also – think someone else has said it, but your new theme is awesome on my phone!

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