Last chance to see

As a general rule, I am not a fan of wildlife programmes. But I have been thoroughly enjoying Stephen Fry’s retracing of Douglas Adams’s steps in ‘Last Chance to See’. What I enjoy so much is Fry’s apparent lack of suitability for such a task (he hates camping, isn’t very good at getting off boats in one piece and readily admits that he’d prefer the animals to come to him in London – all things I can relate to). And yet he is, without exception, won over by every incredible example of the natural world that he happens to stumble upon. As much as I share in his seeming distaste for exploration, I also share in his awe and delight at the rich diversity of life.

I think all wildlife programmes should be presented by Stephen Fry.


One thought on “Last chance to see

  1. I agree totally. Part of what makes it so good to watch is that he is like how any of us would be if we were on his journey. He’s not there on a campaign to get us to love nature the way he does, because as you say, he’s not that fond of it. It’s how we fall in love most honestly – don’t go looking for it and having preconceived ideas of what it should be and it will find you. He didn’t set out to fall in love with these animals, he was there to honour his friends memory, and in doing so found something amazing.

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