On a lighter note, I’ve still not blogged about Banksy. Which is just plain lazy because Omar did it ages ago.

In general, I enjoyed the exhibition, which is a blessing considering I stood in this queue with that black cloud overhead for almost two hours to see it.

Banksy Queue (in the pouring rain)

Like Omar, I enjoyed the social commentary pieces downstairs the most. Although, I do tend to find that Banksy irritates me by being a little lazy sometimes. Admittedly, the Houses of Parliament, full of apes, was technically more than I could ever achieve but it just feels like sloppy, sixth-form satire. There’s nothing big nor clever about saying that MPs are a bunch of monkeys.

That said, the installation exchanging a nest of fledgling birds for tweeting CCTV cameras made me smile and I enjoyed these exhibits that displayed a sense of humour alongside the scathing social commentary the most.

The exhibition forces you to explore the whole of the museum – a fantastic marketing ploy – and I really like the audacity of the idea that a traditional civic museum can be infiltrated by a graffiti artist. But, in practice, the Banksy exhibition is no more than a stunt (he didn’t break in to the place, the museum is raking in the visitors) and that awareness nagged at me as I browsed the display cabinets for evidence of Banksy’s interference.

But I really enjoyed the fact that, on a couple of occasions, Omar and I couldn’t tell whether or not an exhibit had been put there by Banksy or if it was a genuine exhibit.

Definitely worth a visit – it’s unlikely to come around again any time soon and certainly not as successfully. It’s just not as ground breaking as it thinks it is… But I don’t know that there’s anything wrong with that.

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