Vocation Theory

It’s nice to think of all the exciting stuff my school friends do for a living these days. In our circle of friends, we have a counsellor, a couple of journalists, a landscape architect, a banker, an accountant, a school secretary, and a couple of musicians. I like the variety of it. And the fact that I can remember little characteristics about them all as teenagers that mean that their current career is no real surprise.

And, of course, there’s me. You understand what all the others do, right? But not what I do. Ho hum.

Here’s a list of other things I’d quite like to do, if I ever got the chance:
1. Be a wedding florist (and make people happy)
2. Teach adult literacy (and make the world a better place)
3. Work in a bookshop (and make myself happy)
4. Do a PhD and be a lecturer (see above).

Also, I did a careers search last night (mainly because I haven’t done one since school and wanted to test my ‘Vocation Theory’ outlined above). When I put in that I’m not motivated by money, it just gave me crap jobs that would be nice and everything but that I couldn’t afford to do without some serious lifestyle changes. So I put in that I am motivated by money and it gave me unbearably ruthless jobs that wouldn’t fit my moral code AT ALL.

Rock and Hard Place.

4 thoughts on “Vocation Theory

  1. I love that you’ve listed me as a counsellor – I look at me as someone selling her soul for an unmoral local government department doing a crap job that pays even worse. It’s the way you spin it. I look at your job and true, there’s no easy one word definition for it, but I describe it in terms of you being passionate about it and although you get a lot of stress you seem to enjoy it for the most part. However, if you seriously do want a new challenge and a new career go for it. Open that book shop up as a joint venture with me and my cafe!

  2. Just caught up with you Jen having missed Omar’s link to you… then I remembered to google you!
    Having had 4 or 5 varying careers (retraining 3 times) I think moving on is a must! If you stay too long you’ll get so well paid you’ll never change! Personally I see you with a PhD and lecturing, all those young minds you could inspire! The thought of being in a shop either book or florists sounds wonderful but what if no one comes through the door! And the shop with Ally sounds lovely too but at the end of your career when you can chat about your grand children (if no one comes through the door)!
    Well thats my thoughts but please don’t take any notice you just do what FEELS right for YOU….its the only way forward. x

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