Reading in bed

During the long (and, if I recall, hot) summer after I graduated, I mainly lived alone in our Cardiff flat, whilst Chris worked in Gloucester and I looked for jobs in the West Midlands. And during that summer, I spent a great deal of time lying on our lime green sofa with the balcony doors open and I read prolifically. Since then, other things have got in the way and my reading has been limited to a few pages on the bus on the way to work, a few more in bed before I fall asleep and, where possible, some more on a Sunday morning.

But since the wedding and my degree have finished, I’m spending more and more evenings reading for several hours. It’s the nicest thing and I’d forgotten how relaxing it could be. Plus, for the first time in a long time, I’m reading books at a faster rate than I’m buying them. Which is definitely a good thing.

And I’ve read some really good stuff as well. Last week, I finished “The Believers” by Zoe Heller, which was beautifully written, although I barely cared about its middle-class protagonists and their (to me) somewhat insignificant concerns. And now I’m reading “The Other Side of You” by Salley Vickers, which has turned out to be worth the perseverance, even though I struggled with her clunky prose at first. It has loosened up a bit and the story is an essentially good one.

Trying to decide what’s next…

P.S. This blog entry reminds me of this song. Which is also the nicest thing.

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