This week

This week (so far) I have mostly been:
Dithering about whether or not to get the HTC Magic,
Worrying about a friend and the fact that I’ve been too preoccupied to notice,
Trying to figure out why my flickr account has lost all my photos (because my account expired whilst I was away),
Quite productive at work, less productive at home,
Going to bed really late (I blame FarCry2 and the new TV),
Reading The Kite Runner and crying,
Eating fresh strawberries and raspberries,
Listening to The Captain and the Hourglass and Calm on repeat (you’ll all hate the latter, I know).


5 thoughts on “This week

  1. Basically you Flickr owns you know. Those photos are effectively being held hostage. I think, they delete 1 if you don’t pay in 5 days and then from day 7 it’s 2 a day. You’ll have to check.

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