Some things

1. I just had a horrible hospital appointment that took two whole hours of just sitting in various waiting rooms and then I made the stupid mistake of looking up my new medication on the internet and discovering that the side effects are *hideous*. So I bought myself the following albums to cheer myself up:
Dark Was The Night
Glory Hope Mountain

2. I also considered buying the last Alela Diane album but then didn’t because it has gone up £5 since I looked yesterday.

3. I really quite like Office 2007.

4. I’m thinking about twitter. 


6 thoughts on “Some things

  1. Play all of them, right now…

    Then to work and play them and then come home and play them, then come round my flat and play them.

    iPod wins.

  2. iPod as a by-product of CDs.

    Also, I can’t install stuff on this computer. Chris has taken away my rights. Which is quite funny.

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