A Yoghurt Review

In a belated return to blogging (sorry), I have promised Omar that I would post a photo review of the limited edition Müller dark chocolate and cherry corner yoghurt. No, really.

Now, the dark chocolate and cherry combination sounds like my ultimate dessert so I’ve been trying to track down the yoghurt at the St Peters Tesco in Worcester with little success. However, Omar purchased an extra one in the Gloucester Asda yesterday and swiftly delivered it to my door. Hurrah!

This is me excited about the impending tasting session:


This is me conducting the tasting session (I tried to do some Gregg-from-Masterchef-sucking-the-spoon shots but they will NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY):


This is my verdict:


Too much cherry. Not enough dark chocolate.

7 thoughts on “A Yoghurt Review

  1. Awesome! The internets needs more yoghurt reviews!

    (And in some hope of staying on-topic, for what it’s worth, I don’t really like yoghurt)

  2. If you google ‘umlautage’ as I’m a bit thick and wasn’t sure what it meant! Your blog comes up 4th one down!!! Sorry I don’t like cherry flavoured yoghurt so I can’t comment.

  3. Good stuff Jenn, I’ll be having mine later and will see if I agree.

    It should also be noted I drove 5 minutes away from home, then went back when I realised I had forgotten the yoghurt.

    Yoghurt > Cava

    In your face Leigh.

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