The year to come…

At work today, we were discussing the new year: our resolutions, hopes and expectations, what it might hold for us all.

I don’t usually hold much faith in horoscopes – clearly, you can read whatever you like into them and one prediction can’t possibly be true for the millions of people that share your star sign – but Leigh and Steph introduced me to Neil Spencer, who writes in the Observer, and his prediction for 2009 was so alarmingly, so disturbingly appropriate, I can’t help but be impressed by it. It’s the detail in it that is just remarkable. Have a look at it here (I’m an Aries, by the way. Save you working it out).

So to resolutions. Last year, I set myself ten and have had mixed success, if I’m honest. The most significant of them was to become more assertive and my colleagues agreed that I’ve made massive steps to achieve this (Leigh reminded me of the time back in January that I was so assertive with her, I just stood there with a surprised look on my face. I had to apologise the next day. Ha!).

I am struggling this year to decide on a resolution. I know I want one, key resolution rather than so many stupid little ones. But what?

You decide!

Here are the options:

Health – Do at least an hour of exercise a week (no, it isn’t a lot, but it’s more than I do now), starting with yoga and maybe some cycling with Chris

Education – Take up an evening class (after the wedding), possibly A Level Politics, maybe improve my German, or something more practically based

Community – Find a volunteering position (after the wedding) e.g. policy work for the CAB, phoning old people for a chat, Hospice bookshop

Environment – Walk or bus to work at least one day a week

Your thoughts would be valued.

But my very favourite resolution so far this year is Steph’s. She is going to go the whole year without buying anything new (excluding consumables like food, petrol and toiletries). Clothes, accessories, books, CDs, etc. will have to be bought from a charity or vintage shop or borrowed from a library or from friends. (We also tried to get Groovy to resolve to have a My Name is Earl type karma list to make up to all the girls he’s messed about. He wasn’t going for it.)


3 thoughts on “The year to come…

  1. Just read your choices to Omar (He is properly poorly!) He says you won’t expect a serious response from him!
    I think that you should do the health and the environment option, you owe it to yourself and the environment! And it’s not a lot to ask.
    Plus you could also choose one of the other options too (either or), why not, you obviously like to keep busy!
    Well thats what I think!!!! LOL
    Happy New Year!!

    P.S. I think for myself Steph’s idea sounds worth a try!

  2. PLEASE I’m begging you, no more education for a year – make that your new years resolution! Other than that, do what makes you happiest, do the one that is most selfish and you get most from – you’ll be more likely to put yourself out for it if you get something from it too xxx

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