Reasons to be cheerful

Sitting in the same room for 90 wonderful minutes with my very favourite author, Toni Morrison, and discovering that she is as engaging, witty and intelligent in real life as I’d hoped she would be.

The unwavering support I’ve had from some wonderful people (specifically Chris, my mum, TJ, Steph and Suzy) over the last fortnight, even in the face of a constantly distraught, irrational, tired and teary Jennifer Heidi. It’s just the medication and I’ll be back to normal soon…

The very beautiful album, ‘The Pirate’s Gospel’, by Alela Diane, and this song in particular

Burn After Reading, which I enjoyed more than its generally poor reviews would have suggested I would. Yes, it is fairly inconsequential as a film but it made me laugh out loud in several places. (I rarely laugh out loud at stuff and I think Omar finds it disconcerting – like when we were watching Spaced the other day. It doesn’t mean I don’t find it funny. It’s just a different kind of funny.)

Another film, Son of Rambow. It’s just heart warming and adorable and I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to watch it without grinning like a fool. (I am not in the mood for agreeing with film critics this week.)

Getting drunk with Chris and trawling his iTunes library for a wedding playlist and first dance. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Still no first dance but we definitely know what we’re not having…

The light that is shining brightly at the end of the dissertation tunnel… J


7 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful

  1. Glad you enjoyed Burn After Reading – Dave and I laughed inappropriately loudly through a lot of it 🙂

    And glad you can see that light too – great news!

  2. Thanks 🙂 Although I think I’m getting a little *too* excited about the light. Getting a bit carried away with how soon I’ll be free and forgetting that I still have about 5,000 words to write! Eek!

  3. Only 5,000 words to go? That’s practically the finish line – or that strange place where they put a piece of white tape across the track as one final cruel barrier to catch out people who are scared of tape.

    I’m a bit giddy from getting a namecheck. Fame at last 🙂

  4. TJ – I’m pretty sure that’s not the *only* reason you’re giddy… 😉 But, if you’re really that chuffed about getting namechecked, you can always repay me with a nice spiced chai latte tomorrow 😛

    Rob – You win!

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