Dissertation Procrastination To Do List

1. Assign categories / tags to blog entries

2. Make a compilation playlist of all the tracks I’ve mentioned on this blog (because that’s got to be the best playlist of all time, right?)

3. Clear out wardrobe – send stuff to charity shop / eBay

4. Get rid of books / CDs / DVDs – put them on Amazon / SID / greenmetropolis

5. Update my CV

6. Change my “About Me” section on here

7. Sort out my premium bonds (I’ve been meaning to do this for 3 years)

8. Reply to Ally’s lovely long letter…and all those emails from: Gem, Andy, Lois, Wendy…and to all the facebook messages that are in my inbox (replying to things is not my best quality)

9. Add films to our DVD rental list

10. Watch back-to-back Gilmore Girls (I’m not ashamed)

12 thoughts on “Dissertation Procrastination To Do List

  1. I need to do items #1 and #7.

    And would add:

    11. Set up the actual dissertation document and spend hours labouring over setting up headers, footers, text styles and tables of contents. Brilliantly, I’m working on my dissertation, but not *actually* doing any dissertation! Winner!

  2. You boys are funny 🙂

    Rob – That’s the best idea you’ve ever had.

    Omar – I thought about it. And then I didn’t.

    TJ – Reading the book is not procrastination so it doesn’t count, ok? Plus, I just finished the book I’ve been reading for, like, two months this morning so it’s looking hopeful… How about promising me coffee and a mince pie if I finish it by Christmas? Incentives work for me – ask Omar.

  3. Just as long as it’s not a Twirl, ok? 😉

    Chris has added some things to my list:
    11. Sort out genre categorisation in my iTunes library
    12. Update album artwork in my iTunes library.

    Also, I’m on page 36. I TOLD you’d I’d read the book eventually!!

  4. Aaargh – your no. 11. Possibly more terrifying than my dissertation. I have to try and sort out the likes of:

    Drum & Bass
    Drum n Bass
    Drum ‘n’ Bass
    Drum and Bass
    Dance and Electronica

    You get the idea. Eek!

  5. Yeah, you can if the artwork is stored but it isn’t for quite a lot of albums/tracks.

    Don’t think you’re missing out that much, tbh. It’s more relevant on the new version (like Chris has) because you search by artwork.

  6. Why would I want to search by artwork, isn’t it easier to just search by the name? I mean, isn’t it just window dressing, fancy for the sake of it?

  7. Omar – I don’t know why you’d want to. I don’t want to. But at least it’s not uni work, right?

    Al – yes!!!! I like it a bit too much 🙂

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