Awesome telly idea #1

Digitalspy has interviewed Dave Lamb, the genius narrator of Come Dine With Me. In the interview, he says:

There’s a lot of extremely unusable filth. When I do the voiceover I try to feel as if I’m sitting around with people watching it, so sometimes I let myself go! We were thinking of doing a rude version for late night internet broadcast, but we haven’t got round to doing that yet.”

Hands up who would watch a late night version of CDWM? Awesome.


4 thoughts on “Awesome telly idea #1

  1. I have a response.

    I feel a bit disappointed that the voiceover is scripted. I prefer imagining that it’s some bloke in a room thinking “hahaha what a bunch of divs” instead of a script where someone has thought of what is funny in a given situation. Ho hum.

    Also, I’m glad the new series is like it was before it went PRIMETIME and is based around 5 episodes. The single hour long episode missed out so much – the preparation and the finding out what they thought – and was all the weaker for it I think.

    Also, ‘late night internet broadcast’. Ha.

    Finally, for such an idea to work, I think it would need the show to be ruder too and not just the voiceover…

    That’s my response.

  2. Yes, I was upset about the scripted voiceover too – I don’t think that I was naive to think that it was improvised.

    Primetime CDWM *was* rubbish – I have been watching old school CDWM back to back on Sundays on More4 and it’s clearly a better format. I have been watching too much back to back Coach Trip too. I think it’s the fact that they are such very low-key programmes that makes me love them so much. Which was why the new primetime version didn’t work, I think.

    Anyway. Good response.

  3. I must have been then, probably because I wanted it to be I think. I don’t like the idea that it is scripted.

    I don’t know what Coach Trip is…

    Yeah some things just don’t translate to the PRIMETIME.

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