Quite often, I’ll listen to an album a couple of times all the way through and then I’ll tend to listen to my few favourites over and over again, ignoring the rest of the album and – arguably – not really giving the other tracks much of a chance. I guess it’s a symptom of the new digital age or something but I can be quite dismissive of a song on first listen.

However, the benefit of this is that, every so often, you come across a track you’d previously skipped and realise that it’s your very favourite on the album. At the weekend, I was listening to the first ¡Forward Russia! album in my car and my iPod was nearly out of battery so I wasn’t skipping tracks too much and “Sixteen” started playing. Usually I skip it because the first couple of minutes are kind of boring and droning but I didn’t and I realised that it’s fucking brilliant.

It’s the yelping at about 4:05 that does it (or about 1:34 in the video in the link which, incidentally, misses out the boring and droning couple of minutes at the beginning). So good. Although the new album has mixed reviews – has anyone (by which I mean Omar) heard it?

And on Sunday, I did it again and realised that “Escape The Nest” from the second Editors album is really good, if a bit stadium-rock.

EDIT: This video of that ¡Forward Russia! song is about a million times better than the other one I linked to.


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