Last night, I was in bed listening as Colin Murray played two great songs in a row, namely:

Love Triangle by Popup (“Because he’s all we’ve ever really had in common”)
Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

And I was reading the beautiful Anne Enright novel, The Gathering:

“As I open the fridge, my mind is subject to jolts and lapses; the stair you miss as you fall asleep. Portents. I feel the future falling through the roof of my mind and when I look nothing is there. A rope. Something dangling in a bag, that I can not touch.

“I have all my regrets between pouring the wine and reaching for the glass.”

And I felt so content.

(That said, I have an English Literature degree and I have NO IDEA where to put those quotation marks up there.)


4 thoughts on “Contentment

  1. I love those moments.

    (Well, it was literature and not language in your defence. You shouldn’t feel bad.)

    (The way I see it, I’ve been umming and ahhing about mentioning the time travel thing. So a compliment balances it out I think!)

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