Things I have been meaning to blog about

1. The Ben Folds gig, which was great but which Rob reviewed particularly well on his own blog so I will not bother here.

2. The Dark Knight, during which I developed a migraine so I can only really tell you about the first three quarters. It’s too long (but maybe I was biased towards getting the hell out of the cinema) and Gotham City is not sufficiently Gotham-like for my taste. However, Heath Ledger is as good as the Joker as everyone is saying – he is genuinely scary whilst at the same time alarmingly human. Unfortunately, that means he outshines Christian Bale as Batman and you pretty much forget it’s a Batman film. Maybe I’ll watch it again and write a more considered review another time.

3. Speaking of my most recent migraine, that’s another thing I’ve been meaning to write about. Having not had one for two years then having two in four months, I’m struggling to pin down the triggers. Both started in Cheltenham though. A link…?

4. My ultrasound*, which was not nearly as pleasant as I had expected it to be. Indeed, it was most unpleasant. However, I saw my own ovaries and how many of you have done that today, huh?

5. My dissertation, which is not going at all well. I even made a Gantt chart (Gantt charts make me feel safe and secure) but that’s already gone to pot and I’m only two weeks in. Good God.

6. Our honeymoon, which is pretty much booked now. It will take in Hong Kong, the Cook Islands and New Zealand and it will be EPIC. It will also involve time travel (FACT).

*Please note that I am neither a) pregnant, nor b) dying. If you want to know what’s wrong with me, please feel free to ask. However, I can assure you that you probably don’t.

6 thoughts on “Things I have been meaning to blog about

  1. Please don’t say bad things about Batman, especially as I won’t get to see it in the cinema. Also, plenty of time to pull it back. If you think it’s going badly then you’ll start to act accordingly. Also, it’s not time travel.

  2. Actually Omar, I was discussing it with a colleague who has also seen it a couple of days ago and on reflection I should be more positive about it. It’s good. It’s just that I wasn’t. I might see it again…

    TJ, honey, you’re wrong. Gantt charts bring order to an otherwise chaotic world.

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