It’s old but it always makes me laugh…



Motivation to work on my dissertation is coming in ebbs and flows and I am learning to ride out the ebbs and not worry too much about forcing myself to work when I’m not feeling it. It seems that I get the motivation back soon enough. There will come a time when I will have to force myself to flow again but, for now, I am working at a good enough pace.

Regardless of this weekend’s ebb, my confidence about the dissertation is as high as it has ever been. I am now panicking about complacency.

Just over three months to go…

Awesome telly idea #1

Digitalspy has interviewed Dave Lamb, the genius narrator of Come Dine With Me. In the interview, he says:

There’s a lot of extremely unusable filth. When I do the voiceover I try to feel as if I’m sitting around with people watching it, so sometimes I let myself go! We were thinking of doing a rude version for late night internet broadcast, but we haven’t got round to doing that yet.”

Hands up who would watch a late night version of CDWM? Awesome.


Quite often, I’ll listen to an album a couple of times all the way through and then I’ll tend to listen to my few favourites over and over again, ignoring the rest of the album and – arguably – not really giving the other tracks much of a chance. I guess it’s a symptom of the new digital age or something but I can be quite dismissive of a song on first listen.

However, the benefit of this is that, every so often, you come across a track you’d previously skipped and realise that it’s your very favourite on the album. At the weekend, I was listening to the first ¡Forward Russia! album in my car and my iPod was nearly out of battery so I wasn’t skipping tracks too much and “Sixteen” started playing. Usually I skip it because the first couple of minutes are kind of boring and droning but I didn’t and I realised that it’s fucking brilliant.

It’s the yelping at about 4:05 that does it (or about 1:34 in the video in the link which, incidentally, misses out the boring and droning couple of minutes at the beginning). So good. Although the new album has mixed reviews – has anyone (by which I mean Omar) heard it?

And on Sunday, I did it again and realised that “Escape The Nest” from the second Editors album is really good, if a bit stadium-rock.

EDIT: This video of that ¡Forward Russia! song is about a million times better than the other one I linked to.


Last night, I was in bed listening as Colin Murray played two great songs in a row, namely:

Love Triangle by Popup (“Because he’s all we’ve ever really had in common”)
Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

And I was reading the beautiful Anne Enright novel, The Gathering:

“As I open the fridge, my mind is subject to jolts and lapses; the stair you miss as you fall asleep. Portents. I feel the future falling through the roof of my mind and when I look nothing is there. A rope. Something dangling in a bag, that I can not touch.

“I have all my regrets between pouring the wine and reaching for the glass.”

And I felt so content.

(That said, I have an English Literature degree and I have NO IDEA where to put those quotation marks up there.)

Things I have been meaning to blog about

1. The Ben Folds gig, which was great but which Rob reviewed particularly well on his own blog so I will not bother here.

2. The Dark Knight, during which I developed a migraine so I can only really tell you about the first three quarters. It’s too long (but maybe I was biased towards getting the hell out of the cinema) and Gotham City is not sufficiently Gotham-like for my taste. However, Heath Ledger is as good as the Joker as everyone is saying – he is genuinely scary whilst at the same time alarmingly human. Unfortunately, that means he outshines Christian Bale as Batman and you pretty much forget it’s a Batman film. Maybe I’ll watch it again and write a more considered review another time.

3. Speaking of my most recent migraine, that’s another thing I’ve been meaning to write about. Having not had one for two years then having two in four months, I’m struggling to pin down the triggers. Both started in Cheltenham though. A link…?

4. My ultrasound*, which was not nearly as pleasant as I had expected it to be. Indeed, it was most unpleasant. However, I saw my own ovaries and how many of you have done that today, huh?

5. My dissertation, which is not going at all well. I even made a Gantt chart (Gantt charts make me feel safe and secure) but that’s already gone to pot and I’m only two weeks in. Good God.

6. Our honeymoon, which is pretty much booked now. It will take in Hong Kong, the Cook Islands and New Zealand and it will be EPIC. It will also involve time travel (FACT).

*Please note that I am neither a) pregnant, nor b) dying. If you want to know what’s wrong with me, please feel free to ask. However, I can assure you that you probably don’t.