The thing is, I have the bit of a crush on Giles Coren and this article only serves to reinforce that.

Pure genius.



In the last 20 years, I have lived in 14 different houses. Consequently, I do not cope well with change.

But, alas, two of my most beloved websites (yes, facebook and last.fm – I am not ashamed) have changed beyond all recognition. Yes, yes, I know they’re better for it and the interface is more user-friendly and they look prettier, blah de blah de blah… But I would just like them to be the way they used to be once more, please.


Oh dear…

If WordPress was really clever, it would allow me to programme in my menstrual cycle and then veto any blog entries written in the days leading up to my period. I think this is my way of telling you to ignore yesterday’s entry.

Today is a year on from the floods. This time a year ago, I was sitting in my manager’s house, eating mushroom soup from a camping stove and wondering where the fuck my boyfriend was and whether I would ever get home again. This year’s gone by too quickly.

If I’m honest…

…I think I’m generally struggling at the moment to strike the balance between being honest and frank and knowing when to shut my mouth. I feel like I’m a great bundle of contradictions – I am dreadful at judging the appropriateness of situations, whilst at the same time I have an impeccably “appropriate” outward persona.*

I think it’s all tied up with my natural tendency to want to keep everybody happy. I can be disarmingly frank with some people, but not when it matters – which is really when it counts. So maybe it is also all tied up with my constant struggle to be more assertive.

I’m not making my point very well.

Sometimes, I want to start afresh, where nobody knows anything about me. But then I’d probably blow it in about ten minutes by telling someone I have no reason to trust something they don’t need to know. But who to trust? My instincts are all wrong.

From today, I will keep certain things to myself and be honest with the people who deserve my honesty.

Well, how’s that for some fairly serious introspection? On an entirely unrelated point, the light was on the Malvern Hills today in just the right way. So that they looked spectacular and sinister all at the same time. I’ll blog about how much I love those hills another day.

*I want to put a (semi) colon in there somewhere but I’ve not got to grips with them quite yet – help, please!

Crossing the picket line

I crossed the picket line today (well, I walked past a man giving out leaflets) and will do so again tomorrow.

It’s not that I think public sector workers don’t deserve more money – my colleagues and I do a vital job for our residents and, of course, we should be rewarded adequately for that. I just don’t think that striking is the way to get it. Maybe it is naïve of me to think so, but I believe that we shouldn’t have to resort to throwing our toys out of the pram and stomping our feet to get what we want.

I also think that our reputation with the general public is already so appalling that causing so much disruption will only damage it further and any sympathy people might have had for our cause is jeopardised.

Maybe if I was front-line staff, if my salary was lower, if the rising cost of living was hitting me like it is hitting some…maybe then I’d feel differently but I don’t think so. I think I’d still believe that we could get there another way.

Busy, busy, busy

Thinking about it, relaxing doesn’t really suit me. This week has been manic – strategy sign off, CA inspection, Board meeting, LAA launch, Poverty Task Group shenanigans, hospital appointment, two weeks worth of unread emails… I’ve been worrying about so much that I forgot to be worried about the Board meeting today until my Chairman said the words, “Jennifer, over to you.” At which point, I panicked and did only a half decent job of presenting my paper. Oops.

You’d have thought I’d have given myself a break by not planning anything else but I’ve barely seen my house this week…

Monday – Left work at 7pm, CA inspection preparation in front of the telly.
Tuesday – Dinner at the Old Rec with Jane, Bec and Vic (starter – delicious samosas, main course – ok ish pan fried trout, dessert – awful pannacotta that was apparently made from Polyfilla, company – fabulous, as ever).
Wednesday – Takeaway with Omar because we couldn’t go for Thai. It was nice. I had a little sit down in my beloved Argos, made friends with a nutter (matter of course, really) and watched some Dexter.
Thursday – Tesco. They had no custard tarts, which wasn’t the end of the world, but it came close.
Friday – Might be convinced to go to a colleague’s leaving drinks (but only because it’ll be fun to wind up the office gossips). Pam & Mike coming for dinner and staying the night.
Saturday – Lunch and theatre with Kat, followed by Ross & Nic’s engagement party / BBQ event (with minimal alcohol consumption, I promise!).
Sunday – Ben Folds with Rob & Nic. Yay!

So. Busy, busy, busy. But I probably wouldn’t have it any other way.