Song of the week

Well, I’m back and will blog about Dublin later, when I get around to uploading photos. But for now, my favourite song of this week is…

2 thoughts on “Song of the week

  1. Haunting, melodic, soaring. And all sorts of other words that a GCSE English student would probably be able to come up with. Good song though. Finally got a copy of Third last night and also picked up Viva la Vida. I still need to listen to my birthday compilation first though. I’ll make time this weekend, promise!!

  2. Let me know what you think of Third… I’m not impressed with what I’ve hear of Viva la Vida so far. Did you hear Chris Martin stomping off of a Radio 4 interview today in a grump? All a little bit weird.

    RJ, your birthday was NEARLY A MONTH AGO!! Got to listen to it soon or it’ll be too late for Glasto…

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