Today has been exhausting, daunting and relentlessly challenging…surprising, a little shocking and, at one point, almost revelatory.

I am in London again tomorrow. However long a day it feels, however tiring the journey is, it will be nothing on today.


Four days in Dublin

So, Chris and I have returned from our little city break in Dublin and, as ever, the photos are up here (irritatingly, I didn’t notice that my camera was on the lowest setting until I got home so you’ll see the difference between those I took and those taken by Chris).

Ten highlights:

1. Getting on the same flight as RONAN KEATING, his wife and another bloke from the band, whose name I can’t remember. Although I’m guessing the Boyzone reunion isn’t going so well if he’s having to fly Ryanair with the rest of us.

2. The little treasure hunt to get the keys to our apartment: go to this address, enter this code to enter, take the lift to the second floor, enter this code to open the safe, take your keys, leave the building and head up the street – you’re there!

3. Arriving at said apartment to find we’d been upgraded. Yay!

4. Going ooooooooooh at the Long Room at Trinity College. 200,000 books in one big, awesome old library (which is starting to make me doubt the Bookbarn’s claim to hold 5 million, frankly).

5. Kilmainham Gaol. Just the most fascinating and moving tourist “attraction” I’ve ever been to. I felt guilty that I’d only paid the student price to get in.

6. Watching American tourists sip gingerly at their complementary pint at the Guinness Storehouse before swiftly abandoning it on the nearest table and getting the hell out of there.

7. The tour bus driver steering from left to right all the way down the road outside the Guinness Storehouse as though drunk.

8. Spending literally hours poring over the thousands of exhibits in the Chester Beatty Library and especially the 14th century scroll depicting the Tale of Oyeama, which was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in a museum.

9. Scoffing far too much food in the Silk Road Café at the Chester Beatty Library. Highly recommended.

10. Eating my second McDonald’s of the year at Dublin airport (no, really – it made my whole day).

I’ve come back feeling more chilled out than I’ve been in a very long time. It’s fair to say that the last semester really took its toll on me. I knew I was stressed out but I think it’s only looking back that I realise quite how much pressure I was feeling. But Dublin did the trick J

Big Brother 9

At last! Somebody with a disability* in the Big Brother house. It only took you nine fucking years to represent 14% of the UK population, Endemol, but still…

* Yes, yes, it’s perfectly possible that previous housemates have had a non-visible disability that they didn’t share with the public but you know what I mean.