Tomorrow I have the first exam I’ve taken in eight years. I never thought I’d do another one in my life. I’m hoping that, after tomorrow, I never do again.

Anyway, it’s a seen exam (actually, that makes it harder, I think) and I will be answering the following questions:
1. Is there any significant difference between what is now being termed “spatial” planning and what used to be termed “land-use” or “town and country” planning?

2. Is the state justified in playing a leading role in planning and controlling spatial development?

To which I will be responding:
1. No, not really. I mean, it’s all the same as what’s gone before, just by a different name. Except that maybe we’re doing it a little differently these days and pulling it all together. It’s an evolution… or something.
2. Yes, pretty much. What’s the alternative, huh? Letting uncontrolled market forces do it? I think not. Look what happened in the 19th century, for God’s sake. And don’t get me started on Thatcher…

Except over the space of about 16 sides of A4 if my practice run is anything to go by. Yikes.

Still, just three hours of my day tomorrow and then it’ll all be over, bar the dissertation…

On another note entirely, whilst I like this song, if I ever hear it used in that advert for Gossip Girl again – the one with the text messages – I WILL SCREAM. Maybe I should watch less ITV…


7 thoughts on “Revision

  1. Couple of things.

    1. Does that mean you will be watching The Apprentice or not?
    2. I’ve kinda given up on Gossip Girl, it’s just got too silly (yes, really.)
    3. I’ve never done a seen exam and am considering the benefits over an unseen? Won’t some people have an advantage? Wait, won’t some people have an advantage in unseen?
    4. Good luck.
    5. In school today because the Year 6s had finished their SATs the teacher had them doing Apprentice style tasks. Today they had an hour to come do the teacher’s assembly – it was AWESOME.
    6. Peace out.

  2. 1. The Apprentice is still on. Always on. QT will not be as I’m getting an early night.
    2. It looks silly.
    3. Exactly. It’s easier in one respect because your revision is very focused. You know what you have to study and you study it. Also, less fear going in to the exam room. But also, you expect more of yourself and you do what I’ve done, which is write two essays and try and learn them off by heart. Stupid plan.
    4. Thanks.
    5. Awesome – what did they do the assembly on?
    6. Whatever.

  3. *Of course, the main reason QT will not be on is because it’s not on on Wednesdays, not because of my early night.

  4. 3. Then doesn’t that make it a test of memory? Couldn’t you just get a great deal of help writing it and then memorise it? At least with unseen, it require some application of what you know?
    5. It was on forgiveness. Some of them came up with a song, which was pretty impressive I thought.

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