Off the wagon

Well, my five week no-social-life rule crashed to its knees this weekend. And what a weekend it was…

On Friday, we said goodbye to Julie. She’s one of those people who make a really dull day in the office a little bit brighter and I’m really sorry to see her go. I’m not sure what I’ll do without her random, oddball comments, her invaluable advice on anything from matching my accessories to planning my future career and her endless cups of tea. And I’m not sure who is going to tell me how many Weight Watchers points I’ve managed to tot up each day (Kettle Chips for breakfast aren’t good, apparently).

Her send off at the much lauded (by Julie, mainly) Mint Lounge in Bromsgrove was appropriately raucous and Little Miss Designated Driver here got to witness the event sober. I’m a little damaged by the experience, frankly…

Sample quotation:
Other colleague: Right. Everyone agreed? Monday will be NO KECKS DAY!
Julie: No, I left some cakes in the kitchen. You can all just help yourself.

You see my point…

Then, on Saturday, RG30 – Rob’s epic celebration of his 30th birthday – lived up to expectations. Indeed, they exceeded them. The film was great (can’t believe I’ve never got round to seeing it before) and prompted me to dig out my old Violent Femmes cassettes. Also, John Cusack as a hitman…mmmmmm… The cinema was far, far too cool for its own good. Dinner and mojitos went down very, very well and the club was awesome…and later a little sweaty too (props to Rob and Corin for some damn good compilations).

In retrospect, I think starting to drink before we’d even left Rob’s flat at lunchtime could have led to his downfall. That and the cocktails, gin and beer… But taking the shambolic birthday boy home in a taxi was pretty entertaining and has provided me with enough embarrassing stories about him for the next 30 years, so I’ll forgive him for vomiting on my shoes (it’s ok, Rob, I’ll stop telling people soon). I’m still so impressed that he not only got up in the morning to devour Amy’s fry up but he made it round to parents’ house for their fantastic survivors’ lunch too.

Photographic evidence of the great event can be found here. I deny any recollection of a number of the photos.

Now…some exam preparation perhaps?


7 thoughts on “Off the wagon

  1. I’m still amazed Rob made it to the ‘survivors’ breakfast – given that really he didn’t survive…

    Jen – can you mail me, so i can reply with an mp3 of ‘it’s yours’ – cheers. great to finally meet.

  2. So if Julie’s not making the tea, get yourself in the kitchen, love – mine’s a coffee (two scoops), white, no sugar. There’s a good girl.

  3. TJ – I do believe I’ve made you more cups of coffee than you’ve made me tea, young man.

    Corin – great to meet you too – email’s on it’s way…

  4. Psst Corin… double n on “Jenn” – I’m sure you’ll be ok as it’s a first offence, but you need to go careful!

    And while you’re at it, this would be a good time for you to put that domain of yours to use too wouldn’t it…

    I’ll have a white tea, (no sugar) as well thanks 🙂

  5. It’s ok. I can let Corin off as he was kind enough to mail me that mp3…

    You’ll be lucky 🙂

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