Mr & Mrs

Chris and I gave our notice of marriage today. So you all now have 15 days to lodge an objection but please don’t because it cost us £60 and I don’t want to have to fork out again.

It was a strange experience. Nice but strange. We had to answer questions about each other whilst the other one was out of the room – like a little Mr & Mrs test. But with harder questions. I got all mine right but Chris didn’t know my Dad’s middle names. I think I can forgive him that because he knew what my Dad did before he retired and he could also say what my job is (which few people can).

Less than a year to go now…


8 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs

  1. Umm, Why did you have to do that then? I don’t think we had to do anything like that. Strange, I bet there wasn’t a prize like that little carriage clock on the Mr & Mrs quiz!!

  2. Well if Ally isn’t sure! Also, what other questions were you asked? Also, stop gloating.

    (Reluctantly)It’s like in Friends when they are playing for the apartment and the girls don’t know what Chandler does for a job. Before he got into advertising later on(/Reluctantly)

    Kill me now.

  3. Jenn’s a (Senior?) Policy Officer for Worcestershire’s Local Strategic Partnership, responsible for co-ordinating a broad range of partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors in order to agree a Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) and Local Area Agreement (LAA) that provide over-arching principles and far-reaching objectives, within central Government boundaries, for all partners to work towards and reflect in their own corporate plans, which will ultimately be tested by the Audit Commission’s 2009 Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA), which judges all partners as a whole rather than judging the County Council (Jenn’s actual employer) as an individual body. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it… And she flutters around the office looking pretty, which is far more important.

    Omar, I’ll kill you now if you kill me now..!

  4. Ally & TJ – my dad has two middle names – Harry & Martin (Martin was was grandmother’s maiden name).

    Omar – not much more than that, tbh. Just partner’s age, address, phone number, full name, occupation, father’s full name and occupation. The registrar said the men *never* get their partner’s age right…

    TJ – you appear to know more about my job than I do. That’s worrying but really, really impressive. But I’m not a senior officer. I’m on a principal officer payscale but my job title is just Policy Officer. Maybe I should ask for a new job title at SRD time?!!

  5. Oh yes, I forgot you’re two ranks above me but about 20 years younger… thanks for reminding me of that… 😦

    At least we’re equally pretty, hah!

  6. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t read that.

    Those are boring questions. Though if I do, I’ll break out my Mauritian passport and put an accent on, see if I get some get some different questions. Maybe.

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