How long is too long?

Here’s a question for you: when it comes to song intros, how long is too long?

Until I listened to the Death Cab for Cutie song, “I Will Possess Your Heart”, I’d have said four and a half minutes was too long. Those of you who know me will know that I am not famous for my patience. And DCfC are certainly testing what little patience I do have.

But, once the intro is over, the song is deliciously creepy: “You’ve got to spend some time, love / You’ve got to spend some time with me / And I know that you’ll find, love / I will possess your heart.”

Also, today I have managed to work the following words into my literature review: polemic, rhetoric, paradigmatic, panacea. I am on fire!

And, my God…it’s so sunny today!! If only my throat hurt a little less…


19 thoughts on “How long is too long?

  1. Considering your taste in music, sweetheart, the shorter the intro the better. The pain will last less long.

    Panacea. Love that word; it more than makes up for the whole weird music fetish.

  2. Oh, there’s nothing weird at all about fetishes – unless people claim to have no fetishes, in which case they’re irredeemably weird or naughty liars.

    I have no fetishes, unless you count Japanese school uniforms as a fetish…

  3. As the lead singer of Cansei de Ser Sexy says, “music is my hot, hot sex”…although I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. I think it lost something in the translation from Brazilian.

    That said, I hereby withdraw from the fetish conversation for the same reason outlined to Rob under the previous post…

  4. Because your family might read it? I feel a cheeky bit of blackmail coming on… Just imagine what I’m thinking right now…

    Sorry for turning your ‘music intro’ subject into a fetish conversation. Jenn’s other (better!) friends – please jump in and stop my ramblings.

  5. Fetish smetish – forget it. The important thing here is HOW DID JH GET AN AVATAR??!!


    Also, back on topic, that Way out West song has a monster long intro. (Also Way out West – see what I did with the caps? – completely instinctive)

  6. Okay, I’m bringing this conversation back into the realms of decency (at 9.21 it’s far too early for me to be reading about fetishes!). I don’t know who you are El TJ, but I love you for telling Jenn how trully awful her musical taste is! She’s been ignoring me saying it for years, maybe she’ll listen to you! Sorry Jenn, you know it’s true…..! xx

  7. Well I’ve only ever been to great gigs and had good CDs from Jenn… perhaps we are talking about someone different?


  8. Rob – WordPress gave me the avatar. I think because I’m special. I was going to add the avatar I use on my flickr account but I can’t be bothered, tbh… (Thank you for defending my musical honour too.)

    Ally – don’t think for one minute that putting kisses at the end of your comment makes it ok…! And what makes you think TJ has good taste in music? He *really* doesn’t. *Really*.

  9. Ally’s my new favourite now. Sorry Jenn, but she’s clearly cooler than you.

    Hey Ally, how are you? What about that Jenn, huh? She’s generally adorable, but she listens to some very ropey tunes…

  10. PS. Ally, I’m an overweight, balding, aging ex-psychotic who works in the same office as Jenn. My opinions are best disposed of fairly quickly. But I have nice eyelashes.

  11. Jesus, TJ. You’re not exactly selling yourself, are you? At least you mentioned your lovely eyelashes.

    (I *am* quite adorable though, you’re right.)

  12. Go on then – you describe me! I told you what I think of you in an email this week, so it’s your turn…

    (By the way, that descrption was from my last online dating advert, but I removed “…seeks desperate lady with low standards for inevitable disappointment, regrets and probably therapy”. Only Katrina from Ukraine replied and she seemed more interested in a getting a visa for her and her “uncles”…)

  13. I don’t know what would have been worse, you always having such a bad taste in music Jenn, or knowing that it used to be really quite good and you’ve gone so down hill!

  14. Still waiting for your description of me, Jenn… although maybe it’s not suitable for a general audience…

  15. Crikey, where to start? I go offline with a migraine for a couple of days and this happens…

    Ally – I think my musical taste is better now! I’m much more mellow and, well, probably a bit miserable. But, as my mum would say, at least you can hear the words… 🙂

    TJ – I started to describe you and then… The thing is, I used some words which you’d probably get all huffy about because they were girly words and I didn’t mean them in a patronising way but you’d probably take it that way and then I’d have offended you…

    So, yes. It’s my blog and I’m going to worm out of it. Ha!

  16. Okay, email me your draft so far and I’ll be the judge of the required quantity and quality of huffyness. My ego is crying out for attention!

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