Coursework Frenzy – Day One

I had a dream last night that some accomplices and I were robbing a furniture store by opening it late at night and selling the furniture to friends (a flawed plan, I know, but it’s not really the point of this story). Anyway, the owner of the store happened to drive up to the forecourt and catch us so we were desperately trying to hide under beds, behind doors, in wardrobes.

But I was too big to hide in all the places I used to hide in when I was little so I got caught.

Anyway, how did Day One of the Coursework Frenzy go yesterday? Well, the bit where the doctor set fire to the atmosphere in last night’s Doctor Who didn’t make any sense. But I didn’t mind because we got a split second glimpse of Rose. So excited! That storyline is going to be AMAZING.

I also convinced Chris to watch Pan’s Labyrinth at last. He didn’t hate it, which I’m pleased about. It’s horrible when you really want someone to love something and they don’t get it. But he didn’t hate it.

I loved it even more than I did the first time.

I only wrote about 300 words of my regeneration literature review. Roll on Day Two!

8 thoughts on “Coursework Frenzy – Day One

  1. TJ – I’m saving Akira for when the coursework stress gets *really* bad, which will probably be Tuesday…

    Rob – Pleeeeeease give me reason to stop looking at random stuff on the internet and just get on with work like you, little Mr. Motivated. I am not feeling it AT ALL.

  2. For extra inspiration, I’ve been working on the Council Chamber plasma screen presentation since 11am. Livin’ the dream baby, livin’ the dream!

  3. To be honest, I’m just pissing about with Photoshop, which is what I usually do on a Sunday anyway… And you’ve got a week off, so shut up and feel smug!

    Your blog is very distracting. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon and I won’t be such an e-stalker…

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