An Apology

Dear Omar,

I apologise unreservedly for regularly pouring derision upon every band you suggest I might enjoy, only to find, several months later, that I really do enjoy them (cf. Brand New).

This weekend, I have realised that I really like Interpol. This is largely down to their track “The Heinrich Maneuver” which – spelling mistake and all – is great. The bit where he goes “My God” just makes me… nnnnnng.

Therefore, I apologise for saying that Editors are better than Interpol and for rather unscientifically attempting to prove my point by asking someone wearing an Editors t-shirt which band is better. It is clearly Interpol.

You are right and I am wrong.



13 thoughts on “An Apology

  1. What do you mean by “nnnnnng”?

    And are Interpol at Glasto? I might have to get you to plan me a schedule of “bands Rob doesn’t know but really ought to see”

    (That’ll keep the coursework at bay for a while if nothing else)

  2. Rob they are like the Editors, or the Editors are like them, but better. Start with Turn on the bright lights I think.

    You get there in the end!

    Next up… Mew >

    Unless I have mentioned them already?

    As a side, on album titles should all the words in album be capitals, or just the first or only some?

  3. Both interesting listens thank-you 🙂

    I use caps on all the words except things like “and”, “the” etc…

    eg. The You and Me Song

  4. Rob – You know full well what I mean by “nnnnnng” – say it out loud! I can’t think of a way of describing it that is clean enough for a blog that is read by members of my family.

    Also, I am putting together a Glastonbury Recommendations CD as we speak…

    Omar – You’ve mentioned Mew before but, as usual, I didn’t take any notice. I will make the effort.

    Re. the caps – I just don’t know. My instinct is to go with Rob (although, frankly, in the example you’ve given, I’d have used an ampersand) but then iTunes doesn’t like that very much…

  5. Initial caps in titles have crazy rules of their own – I like that fact, because the choices people make while writing them say sooooo much about the people themselves. Would you ever be tempted to use single quotation marks around the title or name..?

    (My old English teacher used to call them ‘perverted commas’, which I liked because I was ten years old and she said “perverted” in the classroom. Plus ca change…)

  6. No, I wouldn’t use single quotation marks. Not because I think one way is necessarily better than the other (because, I have to admit, I’m not really sure which I should be using) but because I like consistency.

    I’m rising above your second comment.

  7. I can see you fluttering high above me, if I look towards the sun…

    How can I get a picture in the little box that appears next to each comment? I have many appropriately inappropriate pictures.

  8. The sun must be in your eyes… I’m not feeling my fluttery self today.

    I think you have to have a WordPress account to get an avatar…

    Also. I just checked my work emails and am still reading the email you’ve sent Glyn and me open-mouthed with sheer amazement. Quite frankly the *best* email I’ve ever received!!

  9. Huh? You must receive some piss-poor emails!!!

    Please tell me to stop leaving comments. It’s getting compulsive, and I’m sure you’ve deduced from our chats so far that I have a blatant predilection for addiction. Damn, those last three words go well together. I should be a published poet. Oh hang on, I was… now there’s a story for another day…

  10. I’m afraid I can’t do that. You see, if I didn’t have friends that were compelled to comment on my blog, I wouldn’t be compelled to write it. And then what would I do with my time??

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