Overheard in Matalan

Sales Assistant 1: Can you imagine working in Primark?
Sales Assistant 2: God, yeah. It’d be awful.

Although that didn’t make me laugh as much as Chris looking at my bookshelves this evening and saying, “If I liked reading, it’d be great living with you…”


8 thoughts on “Overheard in Matalan

  1. When I worked at the Safari Park, they dressed me in a clown suit to entertain motorists queuing to get in. It was worse than Matalan or Primark, and – for reasons that were closely related to the clown suit and certain inappropriate remarks and gestures on my part – it was my last ever day at the Safari Park…

    But the famous Mark O’Shea taught me how to handle reptiles there. Some snakes were bigger than I was… but I was significantly smaller then.

    Now I’m taking over your blog and no-one knows who I am! Sorry fluttery Jenn! Consider it zipped. Like you taught me.

  2. No worries. Everyone is welcome here 🙂

    But you worked at the Safari Park? Do you know Simon? (See the link to the right hand side of this page.) He did too! Good God, my worlds are colliding. He has great stories of his time there too. It was clearly the place to be…

    *resists making crude joke about handling reptiles*

  3. Everyone from Kidderbloodyminster was legally bound to work at the Safari Park as a teenager. It was like National Service, without the weaponry… which would have helped.

    What crude joke could possibly be made about handling reptiles? My curiosity is offically tickled.

    (PS. CD quality is great – thank you!)

  4. Don’t think I knew Simon. His standard of diction is too high. Back in the day, my associates (or Kiddy Krooks Krew – long story) used the word “fucking…” whenever they frequently forgot the next word and called each other ‘Bert’ because they couldn’t recall individual names. Good times… in a certain way…

  5. Er… do you remember the chat when I mentioned that I had to ‘disappear’ when I came Worcester (hence no Facebooking)… there was a Bewdley connection… I admit nothing! I am no-one! Although Simon seems far too nice to have been involved… but then again, some people occasionally think I’m nice…

    Isn’t it a lovely day today? I’m going outdoors. Proper not-in-my-flat-or-the-office outdoors.

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