Things I currently like

1. The advert for reading books which, in itself, is a bit weird and is like advertising eating or going to bed early, but which quotes from the brilliant novel “The Great Gatsby” which I will read again just as soon as I’ve finished “Microserfs” (wow, lots of “which”-es).

2. Dexter (I’m avoiding linking to the official site because I’m behind and it’ll probably have spoilers), which has always been pretty good but which has just got GREAT. I still find certain aspects of the series disturbing – I can’t get past feeling uncomfortable with Dexter’s adoptive father training him to channel his desire to kill – but, stylistically, it’s really impressive and the plot has definitely just picked up. I sort of saw the latest “big reveal” coming but it was satisfying all the same.

3. The journal that Omar got from etsy for me for my birthday and the sentiment contained therein.

4. The following songs:
“How My Heart Behaves” by Feist (see below)
“Red” by Elbow (which was equally brilliant live)
“Power Lunch” by Har Mar Superstar & Beth Ditto (which is ridiculous and yet strangely great)
“American Boy” by Estelle & Kanye West (no, really – I can’t explain it)
“Black & Gold” by Sam Sparro (even though the video is BORING and, as Chris and Omar point out, the song never really goes anywhere).

4 thoughts on “Things I currently like

  1. “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” Just gorgeous, gotta love that Gatsby… but Tender Is The Night is still better!

  2. Ooh, nice one. I was going to quote the bit that goes “he knew that when he kissed this girl…his mind would never romp again like the mind of God” but I didn’t. Although now I have.

    I preferred Tender is the Night too – but Gatsby has a special place in my heart for a myriad of reasons that no doubt you’ll force me to reveal without me even realising you’re doing it 🙂

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