This is how my heart behaves

I definitely haven’t listened to this song on repeat all day. Nope.

Also, it made me realise I haven’t seen any good physical theatre since this. And that I miss living in Cardiff, where I could watch that kind of thing any night of the week. But just when I’ve started actually enjoying living in Worcester (it has only taken three years), I don’t really need that. And, besides, I am on a strict “No Social Life” diet until my degree is over and that includes cultural events (except maybe going to see There Will Be Blood tonight…Omar, can I think about it and see how much work I get done this afternoon? Oh, I’ve just got your text…).

But still, I have friends here now and I live in a nice area, where I can walk to work and it is not too far to town, which was always a pain when I lived in Tibberton. And I’ve built a life here. But I miss the things a city can give me…

(N.B. I know Worcester is a city but it’s not a real one, is it? Not really.)


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