I’ve been forgetting to read xkcd recently. I’m not sure if I’ve been feeling it quite so much. But this one seems appropriate.

Anyway, then I spent about an hour going through the xkcd archives instead of doing any real uni work but still couldn’t find the one I was thinking of (you know, the one where they drive out to the woods, and listen to the rain on the car roof? The alt text is something about playing fingertip games under a blanket…).

Sometimes I wonder why I actually write this stuff down…

EDIT: It’s ok! I found it!
You must be so relieved.


3 thoughts on “Venting

  1. I don’t even pay proper attention to it. It’s become far too ‘niche’ for me. My interest doesn’t stretch to those links either. Disappointed.

  2. I’ve gone off xkcd (like Omar says, too niche – I don’t get the maths comics AT ALL) *and* A Softer World. I would say I haven’t got the time but that clearly isn’t true.

    Also, I had to moderate your comment, Rob… It was weird.

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