Things I still harbour a secret desire to do in my life

1. Be a music journalist / have my own radio show (my old show on Southampton Hospital Radio – NOT RADIO LOLLIPOP – doesn’t count. The children’s ward didn’t appreciate the Pixies as it turned out).

2. Write a novel, win the Booker Prize (maybe the Nobel Prize for Literature once I have a body of work).

3. Be an architect – that’s got to be the coolest job in the world. It’s just a shame I don’t display any of the required competencies. Hence my planning degree *sigh* Needless to say, if I could do it, I’d be building massive iconic buildings all over the world.

4. Learn to ride a motorbike (this one is technically still possible, but I’m guessing being the first female MotoGP winner is pretty unlikely).

5. Be on old school Big Brother (no later than series 4 – this is clearly not possible).

6. Build my own house (and have it featured on Grand Designs) – still possible.

7. Live in another country for a while, not forever. I like Britain. Again, still possible.

8. Own a bookshop. Unlikely.

9. Become an academic, get my PhD, swan around campus, have a credit card that says Dr. J. H. Alarmingly likely – I will never be rich L

10. Be in a really cool band. I’d be happy to do anything – sing, play bass, be the drummer – seeing as I can’t do any of those things, but I would have to be the only woman in the band a la Kim Deal and my lyrical abilities would be akin to Paul Smith (“I love the tiny veins on your back/They remind me of the way that porcelain cracks”) or Guy Garvey (“I’m proud to be the one you hold when the shakes begin”).

Also, Omar got me my BusChallenge prize – Foals and Laura Marling. Thanks J


7 thoughts on “Things I still harbour a secret desire to do in my life

  1. Various re: type comments…

    3 – Corin is having a school built that he designed. I am hugely jealous needless to say.

    6 – If you do that before me I will *actually* sulk forever.

    8 – Have you been to Bookbarn yet?

    9 – I could see that happening without too much of a stretch of the imagination.

  2. 3. That’s really cool. I feel a bit gutted about it most days if I’m honest. It’d be amazing.

    6. You can be my project manager, if you like 🙂

    8. Nooooo! Can we go soon please?

    9. Me too – eek! On Friday, I said in passing to a friend “I might give up and just do my PhD” and he stared at me for about five minutes before saying “JUST do your PhD? Jesus…”

  3. What a good idea – set yourself some goals girl!

    1. With the advent of internet radio you could easily do you own show from home (might be illegal – but who gives?!)

    2. Get writing! Obviously don’t aim for the Booker immediately but get yourself a pen and paper and start your magnum opus!

    4. Another easy one – how about some tough goals? 😉

    10. You don’t need to be a good bass player to be in a successful band – look at Adam Clayton from U2 – 25 years of playing the bass and he’s still hasn’t got the hang of it!

    Best of luck with the rest!

  4. scary how many of these sound similar to mine! we could join forces and crack our lists together! you’ve inspired me now, i’m going to write my list too!

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