The final Bus Challenge…

Last day of the BusChallenge™ today and, well, if I’m very honest, I didn’t get the bus home. The thing is, I left the office, walked down the steps towards the lake and it was so lovely and sunny that I decided to walk home. I think that counts? I don’t care if it doesn’t. Despite the fact that it was HOT and I was wearing heels and now have blisters, it was fucking lovely. And I got to walk home and look at this lovely view:


Anyway Omar, if you think I have indeed won the challenge, then I would like any of the following albums (in no particular order):
Young Knives – Superabundance
Laura Marling – Alas, I Cannot Swim
We Are Scientists – Brain Thrust Mastery
Foals – Antidotes
Tapes n’ Tapes – Walk It Off
Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend

Or you can surprise me…


2 thoughts on “The final Bus Challenge…

  1. Out Interpoling Interpol indeed. I like it 🙂

    I’m excited about my prize. More so than I should be really. But I EARNED it!

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