Mr. Pink

Going to the hairdressers is one of my favourite things to do. Not only because I love to have my hair washed (possibly more than anything else in this world…) but also because it involves sitting down with a cup of tea and Hello! magazine for an hour (guilt free), being waited on hand and foot and gossiping.

(Wow, I think this blog entry is almost as banal as Winkleman writing about her fringe in the Indie. Stay with me…)

But I never tip my hairdresser, even though it’s encouraged.

I always tip at restaurants (if the service and meal haven’t been dreadful, at least) and I often let my taxi driver keep the change if he’s been nice and not driven round the houses. But I never tip my hairdresser. I don’t know…it just doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. I don’t really have any justification for not doing it – not like, “they should earn decent wages in the first place and not have to top it up with tips”. I don’t really know what they earn so I can’t really base my argument on that.

It’s just that I’m not sure what I’d be paying for over and above what I asked them to do? (Except maybe the waiting on me hand and foot, I suppose…).

And, if I did…how much to pay? If my haircut costs £70 (which it does – and, before you freak out, that’s how much it costs a girl. In fact, it costs more than that, I get it cheap because my hairdresser is nice and I’ve been going there a long time), then do I pay 10%? Because, that’s quite a lot. But having been going there a long time, would it be weird to start tipping?

I don’t know.

The new Elbow album is nice. Mirrorball, especially.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Pink

  1. But if you get it cheap anyway… what’s an extra £7?? You can afford it, spread some good karma…

    Absolutely it will feel weird – the first time. Just do it, look her in the eye and say thank you.

  2. Hi Jen, That is so weird! I could have written that, word for word! Tipping is strange; who do we tip and who don’t we tip? And knowing one or two people who work in restaurants they get as much probably more than hairdressers!
    LOL at Omar’s comment when did he ever tip a hairdresser? But I have to admit its good advice and I might follow it up next time I’m at the hairdressers!!

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