In my defence…

Omar appears to have classed 27th March as a FAIL in the BusChallenge. Now, I have to debate this. What has actually happened is that, in good faith, I agreed to get the bus to work on the aforementioned date. However, since agreeing the dates, I have agreed to go to a seminar in London on that morning and will be getting the train at 5.30am. Admittedly, I will be driving to the train station but that’s because I’M GETTING THE 5.30AM TRAIN. And the train technically counts as public transport. And I’ll be getting the tube too. That’s TWO KINDS of public transport.

So, whilst I am willing to concede a day’s bus journey, I’m a little upset that I have been branded a failure. I knew this challenge would end in tears.

Furthermore, I have discussed this with my mum and she agrees with me. So there.

4 thoughts on “In my defence…

  1. 1. You would have gone on the train anyway, so it doesn’t count.
    2. You get up early once and suddenly it’s all WOE IS ME.
    3. Well done, you stay defiant. Do you think I’ll change it now?


  2. I would class you a a success for even thinking about public transport, (and slightly demented for using it more than once).

    I last used a bus 7 years ago (car engine blew up – it was a rover), and it was so rubbish i walked back from town instead.

    Used the train and tube in London last month and it was unbearable.

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