For the weekend…

Week two of the BusChallenge™ draws to a close with a self-satisfied feeling of overwhelming smugness. I chatted to a couple of the regular bus users today (Chris is still laughing at what he is now referring to as “Jenn’s Bus Club”) and survived the onslaught of a bus full of sixth formers (I refuse to believe that I dressed and spoke that ridiculously when I was 17). Anyway, all is well and next week, there may even be some walking done (weather permitting).

Also, this link from Omar is FUCKING AMAZING. I downloaded the SXSW torrent last year but got bored with it almost immediately because it was just too overwhelming so I deleted it. How can the brain take in over 763 songs at once? It takes me a good week or so to get to grips with one album. Well, this man listened to the whole damn thing and gave six word reviews of every single last track and rated them too. Granted, we appear to have polar opposite taste in music but his reviews and the asides in between reviews are funny and smart. And all the music is (legally…I think) free. So why not download something you’ve never heard of before this weekend?

Which reminds me, it has been my intention for three years now to attend SXSW. I will do it in 2010. Anyone fancy a week in Austin, Texas?!


3 thoughts on “For the weekend…

  1. I know what you mean about the six formers. I wasn’t embarassed by what they were talking about (explanations of drunken escapades and sexual shenanigans over the weekend)…..but the old biddy next to me was!

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