Still those dancing days

I hate to bang on about it (well, not really, but I’m trying to be thoughtful) but I’ve been listening to that Those Dancing Days track that I posted earlier on repeat all day now and I’m fairly sure that it’s physically impossible to feel anything but sheer happiness whilst it’s playing. So I started to wonder if there are any other songs that can elicit that kind of response in me.

There is only one that I can think of…

“Surely you’ve all heard it by now, but more and more I’m beginning to realize that “Trains To Brazil” is my favorite song of all time, so if even just one of you has yet to be touched by its graces then I’ve done my job. And when I say “favorite song of all time”, I don’t mean it’s up there near the top or it’s one of my favorites, but rather I believe it’s truly my single favorite song of the last 2,000 years. It has a lot to do with the memories it’s linked to…but it’s the song’s unimpeachable message that makes it so enduring: whatever’s got you down, get over it because life is fucking beautiful.”

(From here.)

I concur.


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